Each course includes a short section of paved trail (about .4 miles) with the majority of the courses being on fire trails and the half marathon including sections of single track trail.

Course Maps

All courses are subject to modification if the weather (or park) demands it.

5K Course Map and Elevation Chart

10K Course Map and Elevation Chart

Half Marathon Course Map and Elevation Chart

Time Limits

The half marathon will start at 8:00 am and the course will have a time limit of 4.5 hours. Runners must reach the 4th aid station (mile 8.2) by 10:45 am.

Course Marking

All participants can receive a copy of their appropriate course map on race day.

Each course will be marked with colored ribbons, signs and flour, so that runners know they are on the correct course. Volunteers will also be on the course at key locations to help direct runners.

Aid Stations

Each aid station will be fully stocked with water, sports drink, gels, pretzels, candy, etc. Runners are advised, however, to carry their own water bottle -- especially those doing the half marathon.

The 5K will has 2 aid stations planned, the 10K has 3 and the half marathon has 5.



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